Partial Dentures


A removable prosthesis aimed to restore one or more missing teeth. A partial denture may prevent shifting of natural teeth towards the space by the loss of other natural tooth/teeth. In addition, with a partial denture in place, the distribution of forces between natural teeth is mitigated to provide less strain and pressure on other natural teeth, preventing further teeth loss. This treatment is customized to the clients’ individual needs. With designs and techniques readily available to us, partial dentures could include minimum invasiveness while the prosthesis is being worn or even ones with clasps that are virtually undetectable.

The position, stability and number of remaining teeth are only a few of the factors that help to determine what type of partial denture would be best for you. Partials can be made of different materials, including acrylics, a metal/acrylic combination or flexible thermoplastics.

Acrylic partials are usually used as a transitional or temporary replacement of missing teeth and can incorporate metal clasps into the design.

The metal/acrylic partial, commonly called a cast partial, is usually a more rigid and permanent style of denture. The metal is either a highly compatible chrome cobalt alloy or titanium, which are both ultra thin, light and very strong.

The flexible thermoplastic partials have the advantage of flexibility to increase stability and are a great choice for those customers who have allergies and whom are trying to avoid intraoral metals, but may not be suitable for all situations. Also, some designs can incorporate a metal base to increase the partials strength and use the flexible acrylic clasps to elevate the look of metal clasping.

With a partial denture, you’ll look better, feel better and chew better.

We can also work closely with your dentist to develop a treatment plan and style of partial denture that best fits your dental needs.


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